CCNA -640-801-

First paper in the Cisco certification track.
-Background: Networking essentials
-Preparation time: 1month & 1/2 ( 2hours/day)
-Difficulty level: 5/10
-Certificate: Cisco Certified Networks Associate

Exam centers:

1- Vue


- Cisco press by -Wendell Odom-
- Simulation of switches and routers.
- Transcender & Boson exams.

Planning & Designing

Design a simple LAN using Cisco Technology
Design an IP addressing scheme
Select an appropriate routing protocol
Design a simple internetwork using Cisco technology
Develop an access list to meet user specifications
Choose WAN services to meet customer requirements

Implementation & Operation

Configure routing protocols given user requirements
Configure IP addresses, subnet masks ......
Configure a router for administrative functionality
Configure a switch with VLANS
Implement a LAN
Customize a switch configuration
Manage system image and device configuration files
Perform an initial configuration on a router
Perform an initial configuration on a switch
Implement access lists
Implement simple WAN protocols


Utilize the OSI model for network troubleshooting
Perform LAN and VLAN troubleshooting
Troubleshoot routing protocols
Troubleshoot IP addressing and host configuration
Troubleshoot a device as part of a working network
Troubleshoot an access list
Perform simple WAN troubleshooting


Describe network communications using layered models
Describe the Spanning Tree proces
Compare key characteristics of LAN environment
Evaluate the characteristics of routing protocol
Evaluate TCP/IP communication
Describe the components of network devices
Evaluate rules for packet contro
Evaluate key characteristics of WANs