BSCI -642-901-

First paper in the Cisco CCNP track.

-Preparation time: 2 months( 2hours/day)
-Difficulty level: 7/10
-Certificate: nothing

Exam centers:

1- Vue


- Cisco press book by -Catherine Paquet-
- Simulation of routers
- Transcender & Boson exams


Implement EIGRP operations.
Explain the functions of EIGRP
Configure EIGRP routing.
troubleshoot EIGRP routing configurations.

Implement multiarea OSPF operations.

Explain the functions of multiarea OSPF.
Configure multiarea OSPF routing.
Verify or troubleshoot multiarea OSPF routing.
Describe integrated IS-IS.

Describe the features of integrated IS-IS.
Configure and verify integrated IS-IS.

Implement Cisco IOS routing features.

configure route redistribution.
Describe, configure or verify route filtering
Describe and configure DHCP services

Implement BGP for enterprise ISP connectivity

Describe the functions and operations of BGP.
Configure BGP operation in a non-transit AS
Configure BGP path selection.

Implement multicast forwarding.

Describe IP Multicast
configure, or verify IP multicast routing

Implement IPv6.

Describe IPv6 addressing operations.
Describe IPv6 interoperation with IPv4.
Describe,OSPF routing with IPv6 addressing.