Voip Overview

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it means “voice transmitted over a computer network“.IP Internet
Protocol is supported by any type of network — corporate, private, public, cable,and even wireless networks- not just
the Internet. You can access your account on the VoIP network via desktop telephone, a wireless IP phone, or the soft screen dial pad of your laptop or desktop computer.


Team has tested the above illustrated basic scenario using :
1- P4 PC with WINDOWS XP
2- P3 PC with :
.Asterisk@HOME 2.8 IPBX downloaded from : here
.Ethernet card
.Digium TDM400P FXO/FXS Card
3- DSL router with 4 ethernet ports
4- Analogic telephone
5- Telephone line to the PSTN used as a trunk to the analogic telephones
The configuration and setup will be shown in the next illustration
Asterisk@home setup