Asterisk@home 2.8 installation and extensions configuration

Asterisk@home 2.8 installation is a straightforward process.

1-download the software image (.iso) asterisk@home 2.8 from the site:

2-burn the image file and use it to install the asterisk@home on a dedicated PC
Ex: in our scenario we used a P3 with 384 MB RAM, 16 GB hard drive, CD ROM drive, Ethernet card and a Digium
interface card (optional for interfacing with the PSTN network)

3-Remember the following after the installation :
- The IP address of the asterisk@home (to use in the GUI web interface)
- Administrator: Username and password: root , (password)

4-Connect to asterist@home from any other PC in the local LAN
using the web browser and the IP address provided during the installation.


A- install all the modules in the setup module admin

B- Configure the extensions (SIP, IAX2, and ZAP)

- SIP and IAX2 extensions : when using VOIP lines
- ZAP extensions : when using the PSTN lines through the Digium interface cards

a- SAP and IAX2 Extensions:
(enter the display name and the extension number )

B- Extension ZAP

Edit the zapata-auto.conf file (from the tools panel click on Config Edit)

Asterisk@home setup